Titanium Anode basket and Cathode

Titanium Anode basket and Cathode

1.JINSHAN produce titanium and nickel anode / cathode in forms of sheet, mesh, tube, ribbon, bar etc.

2.They are used for making water treatment and electrolysis industry equipment.

Product Details

Titanium Anode basket and Cathode

Products Specification

NameTitanium Anode / Cathode, Nickel Anode / Cathode
GradeTitanium - Grade 1, Grade 2           Nickel - Ni200, Ni201
Type & DimensionSheet, Mesh, Tube, Ribbon, Bar etc.;  Customized dimension
TechnologyBrush Coating

Mixed Ru-Ir oxide, Mixed Ru-Ir-Sn oxide, Mixed Ir-Ta oxide, Ru-Ir-Pt, Platinum, Pt-Ir and PbO2

ApplicationWater Treatment, Electrolysis Industry
SurfaceSand blasting, Acid Washing and Brush Coating.
CertificateISO9001:2008, MTC or The Third Party 

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