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What Are The Advantages Of Titanium Meal Tableware

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What are the advantages of titanium meal

A: Titanium tableware on the human body is good?

A tableware is no good for anyone.

Titanium tableware just said tableware made of "titanium", titanium chemical properties are very stable, compared with other metal tableware, it will not be with some high temperature strong acid and alkali alkaline food reaction, so use it to more rice Some of it.

Two: tableware titanium is good

Titanium with a unique performance, high hardness, anti-wear Sassafras, do not peel off, do not fade, a high degree of corrosion, and not affected by ultraviolet light.

Appearance: pure metal film, dignified and gorgeous metallic luster.

Anti-corrosion and oxidation: do not fade, not easy to scratch.

Durability: Surface finish can be maintained for more than 20 years.

Economy: save (reduce) the general copper (gold) board required cleaning cleaning time and cost, use a soft cloth and glass cleaner can be.

Environmental adaptability: to prevent the radiation of harmful substances.

Three: titanium can do cutlery?

Titanium does not have radioactive, titanium as the biggest advantage of tableware is never rusty. Although stainless steel can be done, but austenitic stainless steel containing heavy metal nickel, long time use, the human body is still harmful.

So the titanium tableware will not harm your health, and titanium density, tableware quality light; strength, tableware is not easy to damage.

The bad place is the high price

Four: titanium tableware how to use it?

Titanium is as light as its name, silver, fast. In chemistry, the famous strong corrosive agent "Wang Shui" to swallow silver, gold, and even known as "stainless" stainless steel erosion, become rusty mottled, beyond recognition. However, "aqua regia" on the titanium but helpless. In the "aqua regia" soaked in a few years of titanium, still shiny, shiny! Has excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion; if the titanium added to stainless steel, only about one percent, to greatly improve the anti-rust collar. Because titanium has a small density, high temperature, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, at room temperature when the titanium is very stable in the air; special types of titanium alloy high strength, density, half of the strength of steel and strength and almost the same iron and steel; Both high temperature, and low temperature, in -253 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ such a wide temperature range can maintain high strength. These advantages are necessary for space metal. Titanium alloy is made of rocket engine shell and satellite, spacecraft good material, "space metal" said. Because titanium has these advantages, so since the 50's, has become a prominent rare metal. Titanium is a pure metal, because the titanium metal "pure", so the material and it touches the time, will not produce chemical reactions. In other words, because of the corrosion resistance of titanium, high stability, so that it does not affect the long-term contact with its nature, it will not cause allergies, it is the only human plant nerve and taste without any impact on the metal The Titanium is also known as "biological metal", easy to allergic to metal people do not have to worry about allergies.

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