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Weibin District 211 Landless Peasants, The Town Worker Endowment Insurance Gold


Weibin district 211 landless peasants, the town worker endowment insurance gold

           On November 24, weibin district landless peasants to participate in the enterprise worker endowment insurance pay to issue ceremony in GaoGu Town FuGu Village, 211 landless farmers get the town worker endowment insurance gold.

In recent years, along with the our city industrialization and urbanization accelerating, increasing number of landless peasants, their endowment insurance problems to be solved.Since this year, weibin district, district government timely organization personnel batch jurisdiction to ascertain the landless farmers for the land, land acquisition mu number, social security benefits, etc., will be eligible for coverage within their respective jurisdictions of the farmers into the scope of protection, have been set up in the municipal, district "landless peasants social security fund only door".Landless peasants to participate in old-age insurance for enterprise employees and city two level according to the following pay one-third of the total amount of subsidies.Protect capture, the financial department will first subsidy funds and the funds required for the "compensation" fund allocated to landless peasants social security fund only door, protect capture again after the government subsidy funds settlement.At present, the city financial subsidy funds 14.42 million yuan has been already in place.

It is understood that the first batch of weibin district to participate in the pilot five landless village, a total of 253 landless peasants participated in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, following payment of 22.778 million yuan.The 253 people, 211 people since this month to enjoy not only the lowest 945 yuan, the highest 1265.91 yuan town worker endowment insurance treatment, also received 900 yuan per capita heating subsidies.GaoGu Town Luo Baoqin FuGu Village villagers said: "the government introduced the rural endowment insurance system for landless peasants, very close to our life, for we did a good thing. Thanks for the party and the government of good policy, let us more confidence to the life".

Standing committee of the municipal party committee, deputy mayor Ma Yun to participate in the ceremony and delivered a speech.

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