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Titanium Metal Mechanical Keyboard

Source: Titanium metal mechanical keyboard

Titanium metal mechanical keyboard

The degree of titanium products gives person's feeling is cool modelling and solid work, and then conveniently with titanium degree TKM300 mechanical keyboard, although titanium metal division is the degree of its entry-level mechanical keyboard, but the quality of the product and do manual work is still inherited the style of reliable, precise, and the metal division how?Let's take a look at below.

Titanium TKM600 metal division mechanical keyboard using complete standard 104 - key American layout design, well, that's right, completely standard 104 - key American layout, no special return key, also does not have the non-standard size WIN, ALT, CTRL button.This means that the player to replace TKM600 metal titanium degrees after mechanical keyboard, teachers don't need to take time to adapt to skillfully use (of course, the premise is the player used before is not the kind of European or Chinese style such as small layout).Replacing keys do not need struggled to find supplemented keycap, literally a standard OEM keyboard, can for your titanium degrees TKM600 metal mechanical keyboard to bring a new feeling.

In order to facilitate the player using the function keys for game operation (WOW, DOTA game), degree of titanium TKM600 metal division mechanical keyboard will be functional areas (commonly known as F area) to the primary key area close by 3.5 mm, makes the function key area and the main key area interval significantly narrowed, let players or to use more comfortable and fast position of function keys for fast operation.

Titanium TKM600 metal division mechanical keyboard USES 6.5 mm near area F design

Titanium degrees TKM600 metal mechanical keyboard backlight design used, keycap hollow out light craft in class skin texture to combine character beautiful and comfortable feel.Keyboard use much push players are special red Cherry MX shaft production, feel is gentle light, rebound quickly, is a daily code word and games that use the comprehensive choice.Big rows with satellite shaft design, has the advantages of convenient call waiting set-up carefully to avoid the satellite shaft handle partial problem, user everyday use almost feel with the difference between ordinary buttons.The keyboard is equipped with a red backlighting, s prevails in the RGB backlight, though cannot be called cool, but it can still in the dark environment ensure that users can quickly find the key, at the same time avoid luxuriant backlit affect the operation of the players, practicality is very high.

Titanium degrees TKM600 metal mechanical keyboard LOGO and status indicator features

Titanium degrees TKM600 metal division mechanical keyboard USES at present the most popular metal plate suspension button design, by the impact buckling folding keyboard panel craft production of aluminum alloy material, the edge of the keyboard directly packages, and the back metal plate joint, formed a beautiful arc.Up and down the back use translucent plastic made a circle between RGB euphotic zone, the pervious to light the light stripe effect is very uniform, no light effect.

Titanium degrees TKM600 metal division mechanical keyboard use Cherry MX red shaft key caps for the class material

In the mechanical keyboard has been killed in one hundred yuan price interval of time, the retail price of 699 yuan of titanium TKM600 metal mechanical keyboard, is clearly not a cost-effective as active selling point to produce mouth, red Cherry MX axis, full keyboard backlighting, no design, as well as the exquisite aluminum alloy frame and RGB side through the use of elements such as doomed it is a design for hardcore gamers and peripherals enthusiasts practical level mechanical keyboard products.Good touch feeling and solid industrial design, as well as Cherry MX shaft body switch of long service life, for players to simply a cost (though certainly not cheap) can enjoy the mechanical keyboard can bring remarkable experience.

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