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Titanium Dioxide Hot Market For Titanium Sponge


Earlier this month, the domestic Panzhihua region increased the price of individual 

manufacturers of titanium, or 150 yuan / ton, the chain rose more than 10%. Such a huge 

manufacturers of titanium, or 150 yuan / ton, the chain rose more than 10%. Such a huge 

increase in the downstream customers temporarily difficult to accept, users have chosen to 

wait and see in order to digest the inventory-based. Peripheral miners chose to see a 

slight increase in prices, or in 100 yuan / ton. To the middle and late this month, 

downstream companies gradually accepted the 100 yuan / ton or less, began purchasing. I 

believe that, although the downstream demand is strong, but enterprises in the business to 

take a step by step approach may be more secure. If a rise is too large, may bring shock to 

the market, long-term business may not be useful.

Foreign miners are also gradually increase this month offer, in some countries the price of 

titanium increased by 10 US dollars to 15 US dollars / ton. The current domestic buyers and 

traders to judge the future market some differences, some people optimistic about the 

future price continues to rise, reduce or suspend sales activities, intends to hoard 

titanium; others believe that the current price increase over the beginning of the year 

more than 80% Or there is potential risk, only the purchase of a small amount of titanium.

Rutile market volume remained stable this month, product prices rose 100 yuan to 150 yuan / 

ton. The rutile prices can be increased mainly due to higher prices on the international 

market, rather than the downstream demand to change.

Affected by the price of titanium ore, titanium slag domestic prices have been lifted this 

month. Northern chloride slag prices rose in 100 yuan / ton, the price of acid rose in the 

South 50 yuan to 150 yuan / ton range. Clinker slag market, as customers have absolute 

pricing power, so the same slag products, slag sold to large customers the price to be 

significantly lower than the small and medium customers. At present, part of the chloride 

slag enterprises choose to sell only to higher-priced small and medium enterprises, in 

order to higher income; some enterprises both low-cost sold to large customers, but also 

high prices sold to small and medium customers in order to ensure stable sales.

Market demand for slag is better than chlorinated slag, the average operating rate of 

enterprises in the relatively high. Sugar residue business orders are relatively abundant, 

factory inventories are low. Sulfuric acid prices in parts of the southwest, more and more 

stringent waste discharge regulation, the local titanium dioxide titanium dioxide used in 

the cost of business and gradually close the cost of using acid residue, so the acid 

residue in the gradual increase in use.

Titanium tetrachloride this month, sponge titanium products, the average transaction price 

rose. Among them, the price of titanium tetrachloride rose 200 yuan to 300 yuan / ton, and 

sponge titanium prices rose 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan / ton. As the price of chlorine in a 

volatile state, titanium tetrachloride production costs are constantly changing. Some 

domestic chlorine gas prices are relatively high, enterprises to maintain a smaller profit 

margins; and some chlorine prices cheaper enterprises in the region, profit margins in 400 

yuan / ton. 1 # titanium sponge offer all raised to 50,000 yuan / ton, stable market 

transactions. However, according to titanium sponge business reflects the cost of titanium 

sponge material continues to rise, the current domestic enterprises are still in the 

majority of titanium sponge loss or flat state, only a small number of enterprises can 

maintain profitability. Titanium ingot, titanium prices rose slightly this month, the 

market turnover was stable.

Titanium dioxide prices this month, the twelfth increase, or 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan / ton 

range. Most companies are currently more orders, some business orders have been routed to 

January next year. Titanium dioxide export surge this year is the main reason for pulling 

the titanium dioxide market, product prices are also way higher. Part of the environmental 

impact of verification, resulting in titanium dioxide production capacity can not all run, 

but also caused the tight supply of titanium dioxide one of the reasons.

This month, titanium dioxide prices unexpectedly ushered in an increase, which is the price 

of titanium dioxide after the Spring Festival this year, the twelfth consecutive increase. 

Even so, titanium dioxide enterprises are still orders sufficient, full production line 

horsepower. While the titanium industry is also another branch of the tree - titanium 

sponge market is another scene. Although the offer is also raised, not to mention the 

titanium sponge business orders are sufficient, the price increase is only able to offset 

raw material costs, some companies are still in a state of small losses. Industry 

development trend seems to be the right track so there is always a little distance.

In the first two years, titanium dioxide titanium sponge market and the market is also 

struggling to face all the way to lower prices, capacity utilization rate is too low 

dilemma. In less than a year's time, why the titanium dioxide market can be such a big 

change, and titanium sponge industry, which can be inspired from it? The success of the 

price of titanium white counterattack is not a single factor. Although there are rumors 

that there are human factors, but I believe that the main reason is the titanium dioxide 

industry in the trough of efforts to change. The industry as a whole stopped the disorderly 

expansion of the state, large enterprises continue to develop new products, open up 

potential markets. In the long drought, and finally ushered in the nectar.

For the sponge titanium industry is also true, to avoid disorderly expansion, improve 

product quality and stability, these clichés to be resolved, the industry can usher in the 

spring. This year, somewhere, a company plans to build new titanium sponge project news 

more than once to stimulate the nerves of the insider. Has been a serious overcapacity in 

the industry this year, just a little change, how many new projects and come up with this 

new capacity? The industry has just appeared the possibility of melting ice, are going back 

to "liberation" it? There are different views on this, which do not want to see the vicious 

competition factors; for their own planning and development factors; also worry about the 

overall planning for the industry factors. I do not know the planning details of these 

projects, but I agree with some people's point of view: in a market economy environment, 

the existence of some phenomena must have his truth. Quality companies will eventually 

stand out in the competition, and these new projects will be living in which end of the 

industry, we can only wait and see. If the new project level is high, the product can fill 

the market gap, it is naturally a good thing - after all, this year China's imports of 

high-quality sponge titanium surge from less than 100 tons in 2015 to 3,000 tons this year. 

However, if the duplication of existing production lines, there may be a waste of resources 

results. Sponge titanium industry needs to regulate the regulation, as the titanium dioxide 

industry as new production capacity strictly controlled.

On the other hand, the industry as a whole is indeed beyond the control of all business 

capabilities, and businesses can do is to improve their ability. The surge in imports of 

sponge titanium this year also shows that domestic companies' products can not meet the 

growth of domestic demand, which is a potential market for enterprises. Whether the 

enterprise is well prepared, always waiting for the advent of the opportunity, will become 

the key to whether the enterprise can win.

With closer to 100 MoUs for technology transfer signed till date under its aegis,the DRDO 

FICCI Accelerated Technology Assessment and Commercialisation platform has provided an 

impetus to the 'make in India'initiative by enabling private sector layers to acqure DRDO 

technologies and manufacture for wider applications and customer base.

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