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The World's Largest 3D Printed Titanium Parts


Recently, Puris company and powder metallurgical technologies company ExOne adhesive injection technology, print out the complex titanium parts the world's largest commercially available. The size of the metal member is about 19*19*11 inch (48*48*28 cm), its cross-sectional thickness of 0.375 inches and weighs about 31 lbs.

Puris spherical titanium powder atomization technology advances pioneer, ExOne is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers.

Adhesive injection technology:

When titanium powder is heated, the property will change - for example, powder combustion and reduce oxide content increases. ExOne's adhesive injection technology capable of printing member state at room temperature, to avoid other common metal 3D printing technology and the accumulation of residual stress and microstructural changes in the chemical, which are key to the manufacture of commercial components.

In addition, the technology can eliminate the accumulation of residual stress, thus significantly reducing the time required to manufacture components. Machine time is expensive, so this also means a reduction in the production cycle and reduce costs.

High performance alloy powder:

Puris think metallurgy expert team is the real wealth of nations, they have been busy for high-quality metal powder to develop innovative technologies and processes for the aerospace, automotive, health care, oil and gas industry.

In addition to titanium powder, which also uses large parts of Inconel (Inconel) powder, in addition to the largest and most important is that this part is very dense, and the powder used than the commonly used 3D printing powder more economical.

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