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Shaanxi Zhao Runmin To Treasure Titanium Research Director Of Department Of Commerce


Shaanxi Zhao Runmin to treasure titanium research director of department of commerce

      On November 22, shaanxi province, the director of business Zhao Runmin line of seven people, in the baoji municipal committee, deputy mayor and other leaders, wang xin will be treasure titanium group co., LTD is the foreign trade work investigation research.Ray let toki company general manager and related department head Zhao Runmin accompanied by a line, to the plate belt factory titanium belt production line for the visit.Visit process, ray let toki company information on the development of foreign trade work, are briefly introduced general situation of the technology and equipment level, production titanium belt production line, product categories and market application.Introduced Zhao Runmin and other leaders to listen to, gave a high evaluation of the development of the company, and encourage the company tightly grasp the opportunity, deepen the reform, innovation and development, constantly improve the comprehensive strength, in order to promote the market share of titanium products, promote baoji and even greater contributions to the economic development of shaanxi province.

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