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Shaanxi Province 3D Printing Usher The Development Of New Opportunities


        Recently learned from the Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information in Shaanxi Province, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry approved the approval of China's second state-level manufacturing innovation platform - the National Center for Innovation and Innovation Center, founder of Shaanxi. The center of the settlement, not only greatly enhance the ability of Shaanxi Province manufacturing innovation and development, enhance the level of industrial development and quality, but also to consolidate the leading edge in Shaanxi Province in the field, to seize the commanding heights of industrial development.

        Increased manufacturing is also known as 3D printing, in recent years known to the public, as a subversive manufacturing technology, 3D printing is changing people's lives. From simple living items, to extremely complex living organs, and even sophisticated manned spacecraft, cosmic satellite, 3D printing technology will be more and more "impossible" into a real presence. According to statistics, as of the end of 2014, Shaanxi, a total of 1106 patents related to open invention patents, which authorized 390, utility model patent applications 1221, the number of patents ranked first in the country , Accounting for the number of patents in the field about half. China's only one academician and three scholars from the Yangtze River are from the Xi'an Jiaotong University and Northwestern Polytechnic University. In addition, Xi'an Jiaotong University is the first study of 3D printing technology and industrial development of institutions of higher learning, the first to carry out the rapid prototyping of light curing, metal cladding molding, biological tissue manufacturing research and in the country established more than 20 service centers; Northwest Industrial University, relying on the National Key Laboratory of metal solidification technology to carry out the metal 3D printing technology and equipment research, for the development of large aircraft and many other aerospace enterprises to achieve the international advanced level of manufacturing equipment.

        However, a strong scientific research strength is not equal to industrial advantages. Compared with the developed countries, China's 3D printing is still no mature profit model. From the application level, most of the enterprise's products focus on the civilian-based desktop-level melt extrusion molding 3D printer, the product is limited to toys, gifts, exhibitions and 3D images and other low-end market, too small market size R & D investment initiative.

        In recent years, Shaanxi has been to make up for 3D printing technology industry "short board" force. At present, relying on the national Weinan High-tech Zone construction industry training base, set up a 3D printing industry support fund, and actively carry out the relevant training, incubation, pilot, manufacturing and other business, relatively complete innovation chain, industrial chain and service chain has a prototype The At the same time, in Xi'an High-tech Zone planning covers an area of 1,000 acres of 3D printing industry park, has attracted more than 10 business projects settled, is gradually forming the industry gathering development trend. Industrial cultivation base of the increasingly mature, will effectively promote scientific research from the "wall" to "outside the wall" overflow, so that all enterprises to share scientific research resources.

        The Shaanxi declaration of national production innovation center has obvious advantages, talent, research and development, industry and park construction are walking in the forefront of the country, basic research and industrialization in the domestic leading position. Since the preparatory work, the provincial government attaches great importance to the work of the department to promote a strong, the work in an orderly manner, made great achievements, which lasted a year, access to national official approval. In order to speed up the innovation center to build the work, the provincial labor office actively coordinate the implementation of construction conditions, speed up industrial layout, the construction of two to three provincial manufacturing innovation center, and strive to 2020, the provincial innovation center to 20, Industry innovation system, leading manufacturing innovation and development. Up to now, for the National Center for Innovation Manufacturing Innovation Center of national manufacturing innovation capacity-building projects 200 million yuan of funds, provincial 2016 matching funds have been allocated in place.

        At present, 3D printing technology is reshaping the global manufacturing industry competitive landscape, in the aerospace, medical, art and consumer electronics and other fields are very useful. In China, the overall level of 3D printing technology in the model to the direct manufacturing of parts of the transition phase, there is a lot of room for improvement. I believe that with the national production of innovative material manufacturing center in an orderly manner, 3D printing of Shaanxi moment, has been kicked off.

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