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Qinghai Shaped Titanium Production Of 20 Tons Of Titanium Ingot Into Asian Biggest Single Titanium Ingot Specifications


Qinghai shaped titanium production of 20 tons of titanium ingot into Asian biggest single titanium ingot specifications

Dongchuan from xining in qinghai province (national) economic and technological development zone industrial park, qinghai shaped titanium production of 20 tons of titanium ingot became a national and even the whole Asia biggest single titanium ingot specifications.
Mention titanium, believes that many people think of is titanium alloy.Today,
This new type of manufacturing material has more and more appear in our life.Spectacle frames, golf clubs, auto, artificial bone...With the rapid development of The Times, the purpose of the titanium alloy is more and more widely, aerospace, chemical, Marine,...Titanium alloy has gradually become the darling of the various fields.The characteristics of light weight, high strength titanium alloy became a sunrise industry.
Monomer 20 tons of titanium ingot in addition to the bigger, in the practical application of how big is the use?Many manufacturing enterprises staff said, now the less welding cracks in the pursuit of product, the better, 20 tons of monomer titanium ingot can satisfy the requirement for manufacturers.Some products even with a 20 tons of titanium ingot can be completed.
How to realize the recycling raw materials, for enterprises to reduce costs,Improve the production capacity has the very important role.And shaped titanium industry in qinghai as early as 2012 began to consider the recycling of titanium.Nowadays, qinghai shaped titanium industry itself in the production of 100% recycled waste has been able to do.In addition, the qinghai shaped titanium industry also for some of the large titanium provincial enterprises provide recycling services.The qinghai shaped titanium, so far has nearly 2000 tons of titanium residue recycling, recycling and powerusageeffectiveness almost 100%.
Qinghai shaped titanium will also actively developing EB furnace localization, 3 d printing technology research and development of the project such as titanium alloy, the efforts will be shaped in qinghai titanium into an internationally competitive enterprises.
In qinghai shaped titanium pig soap production workshop, the author saw the qinghai titanium shaped the first step on the road to internationalization of enterprises, in addition to the range of Asia's largest single titanium ingot, 2 one for EB furnace smelting has achieved localization of components of electron gun.

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