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Northwest's First 3D Printing Porous Titanium Bone Implant Surgery Was Successfully Completed At Red Cross Hospital


At 8:00 on December 8, the first 3D printing porous titanium bone implant prosthesis in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis patients with fracture and dislocation in Xi'an Red Cross Hospital spine hospital minimally invasive wards successfully completed.

According to the president of Xi'an Red Cross Hospital, Hao Dingjun: The ankylosing spondylitis patients with thoracolumbar fracture and dislocation with special pathological features and biomechanical changes, anterior and posterior combined surgery is the best way to treat this type of fracture dislocation. Compared with the common lumbar fracture dislocation, the patient lumbar 1,2 vertebral dislocation in the front column after the formation of a huge wedge-shaped irregular defect area, using the traditional titanium mesh reconstruction is difficult, and the need to take the ilium graft Bone, causing secondary trauma to the patient.

It is understood that Xi'an Red will be hospital president Hao Dingjun, minimally invasive ward Wang Xiaodong, Dr. Zhao Yuanting innovative proposed in the computer simulation using 3D printing technology to build porous titanium bone implant material vertebral prosthesis to fill the bone defect area, Integrated printing for fixed titanium plate, not only can reduce the operation time, but also accurately match the defect area, more effective reconstruction of the stability of the spine, and without iliac bone graft.

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