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Jinshan Titanium Group Held The Annual Summary Ceremony In 2016


Jinshan Titanium Group held the annual summary ceremony in 2016

    On the afternoon of March 23, Baoji Jinshan Titanium Group held the "2016 Annual Summary Commendation Conference". The group headquarters, the 200 employees of the three subsidiaries and the representatives of Shenzhen and Suzhou Branch attended the conference. The director of Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute was invited to attend The meeting.

    The meeting was held in a grand atmosphere, and Mr. Ma Xianbin, President of the Group, reviewed the development of the Group in 2016. He pointed out that in 2016 in the domestic and international economic situation is not good background, in the increasingly competitive industry environment, Jinshan Group implemented a full performance appraisal, in one fell swoop to reverse the situation, Baoji three branches profit level increased significantly, Shenzhen , Suzhou branch sales also by leaps and bounds. Review 2016, is the implementation of performance appraisal to mobilize the full enthusiasm, and enhance the vitality of enterprises, so that enterprises and employees have been affordable. Outlook 2017, the Group will also deepen the performance appraisal, refine the management system, and actively promote the listing. Ma finally pointed out that the group is the goal is to "let every Jinshan employees can live a decent life."

    At the meeting, the general manager of the three branches of Baoji reported the work of 2016, respectively, to develop the 2017 work objectives.

    In recognition of the General Assembly also on the Group of 2016 advanced group, advanced individuals were commended. Which in the second half of 2016 performance appraisal incentive fund 210,000 yuan, the meeting issued a total of more than 80 million prize money, so that the group employees have had a happy, rich New Year.

   In recognition of the General Assembly, the staff of the group also produced a variety of art programs, dances, singing, comedy than a wonderful, face, the magic of the party to a climax. Group employees full of confidence, 2017 Jinshan will win!

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