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Development profile

Year 1944. Jinshan Company was built , main business is appliance production .

Year 2002.Jinshan Company invest to build Jinshan Titanium Industry company ,officially involved in titanium industry, main business is titanium and nickel materials .

Year 2005.Shenzhen Jinjun Titanium company was built ,main business is in charge of sales in South of China

Year 2005.Jinshan Titanium industry suzhou branch was built after research of market , it is in charge of sales of Suzhou and area around .

Year 2009.Jinshan company have done massive analysis of the titanium industry, in view of titanium industry development of Ti-Valley. it invested to build Shaanxi Jinhan Precious Metals Co.,Ltd which is only company to produce titanium castings and related products in Baoji , it promote company from materials machining become the technical company which can provide the deep processing and terminal products,main business is titanium castings,titanium pump ,titanium pipe fittings,titanium pipe and titanium equipment etc.

Year 2011, Jinshan Group invested hotel and entertainment . Baoji Yujinxuan Hotel & entertainment Co.,Ltd was built. It is best choice of Ti-Valley industry . Main business is meeting ,banquet and related .

Year 2012. Jinshan company built Titanium research institute with other four partners. Main business is new product developing. New technology research , new machining development. Products testing and related projects .it promote development of new technology and research of new products .

Year 2014.Jinshan Group take over Taiwan Huaxin Metals Baoji branch .officially build Shaanxi Jinjun Special Steel Co.,Ltd. The register capital is RMB 70 Billion , the main business is decoil , straightening ,polish.acid washing and related . The main product is high temperature alloy materials and Corrosion resistance alloy .     


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