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From January To September This Year, China Continued To Be The Largest Trading Partner Of The Siberian Federal District


According to the Siberian Customs website published data, from January to September 

Siberian Federal District foreign trade amounted to 29.642 billion US dollars, of which 

exports 24.763 billion US dollars, imports 4.879 billion US dollars, a surplus of 19.884 

billion US dollars. China continues to be its largest trading partner, with $ 5.863 billion 

in trade, $ 4 billion in exports to China, and $ 1.863 billion in imports from China.China 

was followed by the Netherlands (US $ 43.38 million), South Korea (US $ 1.493 billion), 

Taiwan (US $ 14.22 billion), Turkey (US $ 1.35 billion), the UK (US $ 1.363 billion), 

Germany (US $ 12.69 billion) ($ 1.106 billion), and so on.

From January to September Siberian Federal District mainly exports mineral products (fuel 

energy products), metals and their products, wood and pulp and paper products, chemical 

products, textiles and other major imported machinery and equipment and transportation, 

chemical products, food and agricultural products, , Textiles and so on.

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