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China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Titanium R & D Results To Help The South China Sea Island Reef Project


Recently, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 725 with the State Oceanic Administration South China Sea Branch signed a 

ship titanium alloy pipe supply agreement, the products will be used for Yongxing Island, Meiji reef, Zhubi reef seismic observation 

wells. This is the independent development of 400MPa grade titanium alloy for the first time in the form of supply pipe.

It is reported that this contract provides the product specifications, high precision, and requires easy connection pipe, sealing 

performance. Seven hundred twenty-five R & D personnel and design units and construction units to communicate repeatedly 

to provide material selection, improved connection and other material technology programs, and ultimately with the data and 

comprehensive program to win the user recognition. The contract is the commitment to the major basic research projects for 

the first time the achievement of pipe product transformation, while integration of its own development of high-pressure sealing 

connection technology.

This year, seven hundred twenty-five followed by the South China Sea construction project, and the State Oceanic Administration 

South China Sea Branch, Guangzhou Bureau and other units to conduct technical exchanges, and the State Oceanic Administration 

South China Sea Research Center signed a technical cooperation agreement for marine engineering corrosion Material needs, 

to carry out a variety of titanium products, equipment, research and development work. After the signing of the contract, the South 

China Sea will provide more construction of the "private custom" products, help the marine construction, solid coastal areas.

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