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Boeing Says They Makes Lightest Metals Lighter Than Air


According to CNN, the United States Boeing said the company to create the lightest metal ever, this is called micro-lattice (microlattice) of 99.99% of the metal material from the air.

Saving weight is particularly important in aircraft manufacturing because lighter airplanes mean less fuel. The fuel also occupies the largest part of the airline's operating expenses.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Dreamliner) in reducing the weight of this made a breakthrough. The model uses lightweight composite carbon fiber material, rather than aviation aluminum, which brings the best fuel efficiency.

Boeing said the new micro-lattice looks like a sponge or mesh, but with excellent flexibility and firmness. If this material is widely used, it can help airlines save a lot of costs.

Boeing describes this new material as an "open porous polymer structure" that can be used primarily for structural components of aircraft, such as side walls of commercial airplanes or floor panels.

This material was developed by HRL Labs with Cal Tech and UC Irvine, and HRL Labs was a joint venture between Boeing and General Motors. HRL sensor and materials laboratory director Bill - Carter (Bill Carter) said that the weight of microcrystalline cells is only about one-tenth of the carbon fiber, in fact, this material is slightly lighter than the air itself.

Carter said that this material may be the first to use the space rocket, Boeing plans to manufacture space rocket within five years. After five years, this new material was reused on commercial airliners. If you want to apply in the car, in order to achieve better economic feasibility, need to wait for this material manufacturing costs and then down some.

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