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Benz Produce On-demand Small Batch Parts By 3D Printing Technology


In addition to the pure 3D printed car as a gimmick of Local Motors, a  large car manufacturers are also actively embrace 3D printing  technology, especially in the production of some of the smaller on-  demand custom parts. Mercedes - Benz is one of them, and the process  of its production of 3D printing parts very environmentally friendly. Of  course, this is not the first time Daimler embrace 3D printing, because  the company each year by means of the technology to make a prototype  of the more than 100,000 members. Selective laser sintering technology will not appear on 30 different plastic parts used, including cap, gaskets,  spring cap, air / cable ducts, fixtures, as well as assembly and control components.

For low-yield (or the end of the series production) member who, 3D printing technology is particularly applicable. Production facilities no longer need to be mandatory retention / maintenance of old tools, can greatly reduce warehouse space, because any member can be manufactured instant printing.

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