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Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute Of Civil Health Products Development See Results


Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute of civil health products development see results

       Recently, in the Baoji Titanium Industry Research Hall exhibition of a fine titanium life supplies show in front of the audience, many visitors curious asked: "This is titanium Well?", "Really good! Really light! "What technology is titanium made of civilian products, into the tens of thousands of households?"

         In recent years, Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute is committed to the development of new products, new technologies and new fields of titanium, especially the field of civil health as the main breakthrough in the development of technology research institute. Manpower, material resources, carried out the development of new products. In 2014, the Institute has invested 20 mu of land in the eastern area of Tianyu, Meixian County, and invested 7 million to build a pilot plant and pilot building. Baoji titanium industry for rough processing products, the characteristics of small civilian finishing products, the Institute established a civilian health products and building decoration materials two major themes. After two years of efforts, the Institute of building materials development success, in Fujian and Taiwan cultural and creative industrial park project in the first step in one fell swoop. Research Institute assumed the creative industry park 60,000 square titanium decorative plate design, manufacture, installation work. In the manufacturing and construction, the Institute to overcome the difficulties, the 0.5 mm titanium plate processed into golden yellow bamboo style, and then after more than 100 pairs of Chiba workers hard work, a domestic titanium with the largest, unique color, beautiful titanium decoration The board buildings stand in the south of the motherland. Institute also in the R & D has accumulated experience, titanium color plate manufacturing and installation technology has also been a national invention patent.


        In 2016, under the auspices of President Sheng Li, the Institute began the research and development of civil health products. Titanium is the world recognized non-toxic elements, is the best material for civilian health products. But titanium is particularly difficult to process, polishing and post-processing is very difficult. Institute of titanium based on the physical and chemical properties, designed a new and unique stainless steel products with titanium products modeling. In the processing to overcome the problem of poor titanium stamping capacity, test out the pure titanium cold forming method. In the polishing and welding, to achieve a profiled titanium products, mirror polishing and laser argon protection welding, to produce qualified products. These technologies and products, research institutes have declared a patent, but also willing to share with the titanium industry enterprises.


         "Healthy life, titanium era", the Institute of civil health products are in full swing in the gradual improvement of this year's products will soon be on the market. Institute is willing to cooperate with the community enterprises in the titanium deep processing, finishing and civilian on the road more and more broad.

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