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60000 Tons Of Titanium Sponge Planning


60000 tons of titanium sponge planning

Recently, the domestic titanium industry the most explosive news is the two major domestic titanium dioxide industry leading enterprises in sichuan province dragon python with China's domestic titanium dioxide, joint and corporate events, from April 6, 2015, the two companies opens the way of merger, after a year and a half, although is breaking them, but finally being together, WBH.The deal creates a market value of more than 30 billion shares of the listed company, after the merger of hk, really is the super aircraft carrier of titanium white industry, scale of production capacity as the national first, the world's fourth.

The author is the focus of the merger hk Xu Gang union chairman's speech at the meeting.He put forward three points, the future development of the enterprise a continued commitment to improve titanium white production, the existing production capacity of 600000 tons, extended to 1.3 million tons, 700000 tons including sulfuric acid method, 600000 tons of chlorination process, finally become the world's largest titanium pigment production enterprises;Secondly, will use the chlorination process to form the industrial chain advantage, extend construction of 60000 tons of titanium sponge project, at the same time to the downstream extension of military use titanium alloy materials;Third, through m&a strategy, merger and high-quality enterprises, promote industrial concentration.

In Xu Gang about enterprise statement for the future development of titanium, we might as well think calmly, in the current sponge titanium serious overcapacity situation, serious atrophy of weak in processing titanium material market, to "extend industrial chain to form production capacity of 60000 tons of titanium sponge, titanium alloy material at the same time to the downstream extension of military, and the acquisition of high-quality enterprises, promote industrial concentration" the feasibility of how many?To achieve the next goal reality and reliability of the how much?Xu Gang in this direction, it caused many titanium industry to the company's high attention, also has caused the industry people to this event.

Bo "audience" eye?

Read this passage to speak it is easy to understand, hk and union with dragon python merger become the largest domestic titanium pigment production enterprises, from the current 600000 tons of production capacity, and gradually developed into a production capacity of 1.3 million tons, the phased target may not be so difficult to achieve.From now, 10 even domestic titanium dioxide sales price to go up this year, up more than 30%, the enterprise income increased significantly.Good prospects for development, a good development trend, natural let the deep pockets of titanium white industry leader ambitious, as the development situation of domestic titanium dioxide industry, the dragon python bayi, united to achieve Xu Gang set the first goal is available.

But the author thinks that, to achieve stretch titanium titanium alloy material and production of military supply chain, the two have a certain element of publicity, strategic goal for domestic development of titanium processing enterprises for over 50 years treasure titanium group as an example, extends the industrial chain is more than ten years, military industry is also in constant innovation to develop with titanium material to develop steadily.The dragon python hk, cross-industry development, in order to achieve the goal, difficulty cans be imagined.

If there's any possibility of extension of titanium industry chain?

Mean of the league to implement into titanium processing industry, there is still a long way to go."Interlaced like the hills" in the first place.Although titanium dioxide and titanium processing industry are titanium industry, but from production of titanium sponge titanium alloy material, production of military industry, does not happen overnight.No matter from production of titanium sponge, titanium processing equipment, processing materials and processing technology, there are hard to overcome technical barriers, to break through the key technology, equipment and products to walk the road, to the camp, to attack, is a long future.You need the abundant capital chain support.Mean of the league chairman Xu Gang in dragon python said the joint and release, the two merged, full-year net profit will be not less than 1 billion yuan.Conference dragon python leagues, and Shanghai pudong development bank formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Shanghai pudong development bank plans to 5 billion yuan for the enterprise credit.From the point of view of capital chain these funds to support the dragon python hk, from the current 600000 tons of production capacity, gradually developed into 1.3 million tons of production capacity, development needs, but to get through the sponge titanium, titanium processing industry chain will need to be more powerful funds to support.

As the saying goes "adept guard the entrance, dilettante watch the scene of bustle," to the credit of the dragon python, joint and the news is very encouraging, encouraging the morale of the titanium industry, become a successful example of industry consolidation.But in the domestic titanium sponge, titanium processing industry of excess capacity, under the development trend of the market demand is not prosperous, would like to share a delicious "cake", is not easy.But we still look forward to, through the merger and reorganization of the industry, and gives the development of titanium industry, inject new vitality.

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