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Titanium Matrix Composites


Titanium Matrix Composites


Titanium Matrix Composites (TMCs) have low density, high specific strength and specific modulus, excellent fatigue and creep performance, and are expected to be widely used in aerospace, advanced weapon systems and automobile manufacturing. After 30 years of development, TMCs application has been a major breakthrough. In the 1980s, the US Department of Defense, with the support of the NASP and IHPTET projects, established the SiC fiber reinforced TMCs production line, which has provided aircraft, fuselage skins, support beams and engine shafts, hollow fan blades, compressors for aerospace aircraft And other components. Dynamdt has developed a series of Cerme Ti composites using CHIP technology and has been successfully used in missile fins, automotive engine valves, connecting rods and other components. The US Air Force Laboratory has planned to develop TMCs as an important part of the highly efficient rocket propulsion project. In addition, in the field of automotive industry, TiB / Ti-4.3Fe-7.0Mo-1.4Al-1.4V material prepared by Toyota, Japan, has been applied to automobile parts. European car dealers have been exploring the use of TMCs instead of other MMCs on engine gas links and other components. TMCs in the aerospace, automotive industry and other fields of application, in weight loss, energy saving, improve service temperature and extend the service life is of great significance.

China's titanium-based composite materials in the development of late start, long fiber reinforced titanium matrix composite materials are still in the laboratory research stage, mainly due to high-quality SiC fiber has not yet formed products, expensive fiber preparation costs, anisotropy , Serious interface reaction and large residual stress and so on have seriously restricted the development and application of fiber, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute, Northwestern Polytechnic University and other units are still committed to high-performance SiC fiber preparation and commercialization the study.

At present, TiBw and TiCp-reinforced Ti-based composites prepared by in-situ autogenous method have been favored by our researchers because of their isotropic, low cost and superior performance. Researchers from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Harbin Institute of Technology The development of TMCs around TiBw and TiCp has been studied in the aspects of reaction system design, preparation method, growth mechanism and size control of enhanced phase, regulation of microstructure and structure, and hot forming technology. The large-sized ingot, Forging and plate. However, until now, TMCs thermal processing problems have not been well resolved, get high-quality large-size TMCs components are more difficult, mainly in the following two aspects: (1) TMCs thermal processing is easy to produce flexural deformation or even surface Cracking; (2) deformation of the TMCs after the existence of microscopic cracks, holes and other defects. (2) the evolution and control of matrix tissue is more complicated due to the introduction of the enhanced phase. (3) The reason of the deformation of TMCs is more complicated by the introduction of (3) ) The hardened reinforcement phase during the deformation process is not coordinated with the soft matrix alloy deformation. Therefore, further optimizing the content of enhanced phase, revealing the mechanism of high temperature deformation of TMCs, establishing the correlation between macroscopic properties and macroscopic properties, and improving the hot working process are becoming the development direction of in situ autogenous titanium matrix composites, The development of self-generated TMCs components and its application in the field of aerospace applications provide theoretical basis and technical support.

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