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Titanium Anode for Electrolysis Water Machine


Titanium anode for electrolysis water machine

Electrolysis water machine with alkaline electrolytic cell has a stable and good electrolysis effect, widely used in household 

electrolysis water machine, disinfection water machine and large water plant.

Titanium metal electrode is the key component of electrolytic water machine, metal electrode directly affects the quality of the water machine. (1) has good electrical conductivity; (2) strong corrosion resistance; (3) mechanical strength and processing of the metal electrode in the field of water treatment must be the following basic requirements: (1) Good performance; (4) long service life; (5) have good electrocatalytic performance.

In the field of water treatment, especially in the process of electrolysis of water, such as the formation of acid and alkali water in the process of water there are a variety of strong oxidizing, such as: O3, H 2O2, HCLO, etc., and the anode and often commutation It is necessary to use special functional electrodes. Titanium metal coating electrode is coated on the pure titanium substrate with high electrocatalytic performance, strong oxidation resistance, good conductivity of platinum group of precious metal oxides, is an insoluble anode. The characteristics of the anode are:

(1) Titanium with a light weight, good strength, corrosion resistance, good performance characteristics, especially anti-wet chlorine performance is unmatched by other metal materials. For example: in the water electrolysis in a small amount of chloride ion, the stainless steel plate will soon pitting, so that the electrode life shortened, and titanium does not exist these problems.

(2) in the coating due to the addition of a variety of platinum group of precious metals, so the current efficiency, conductive performance, good electrocatalytic performance, strong oxidation resistance, long working life, energy conservation.

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