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PVD and titanium in the watch industry and environmental protection technology: application


PVD and titanium in the watch industry and environmental protection technology: application

PVD, is English Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), also known as vacuum ion plating, it is a kind of environment-friendly surface treatment method.For nearly 10 years, the development of the vacuum ion plating technology is the fastest, it has become one of today's most advanced surface treatment method, in the process of electroplating won't produce pollutants to the atmosphere and environment.

Watch of wrist of PVD vacuum ion plating is also used in the processing, the processing technology has certain characteristics and advantages: first, the wear-resisting degree is high, the coating produced by five times more than conventional coating wear-resisting degree, second only to sapphire crystal glass, it can more effectively protect casing and strap;Corrosion resistance, can effectively prevent due to climate change, sea water corrosion, sweating to watch;Has the PVD coating watch looks more elegant and fancy.

Titanium is a metal found in the earth's crust element.It has the bright, luster, is a kind of silver grey or dark grey powder.In rock or volcanic sediments can be extracted.Because it more solid than steel and lighter, when exposed to air, titanium can antioxidant, titanium especially suitable for the aviation industry.Titanium metal nickel, not more than the other materials allergy;The most important thing is that it can be recycled after reuse, 100% of green environmental protection.

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