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New LED material or let the future phone without touch


New LED material or let the future phone without touch

      The phone screen may soon detect your hand shadows, and you may be able to operate the phone completely with gestures without touching the screen. Recently, scientists have created a new type of light-emitting diode (LED), which can both light and absorb external light source.

Typically, the semiconductor material can only use a shell to isolate a quantum dot, to prevent it from detecting light. In order to solve this problem, the researchers have adjusted the LED, they made a nanorod, in which quantum dots can contact with two kinds of semiconductor materials. These nanorods with a diameter of less than 5 nanometers are made up of three semiconductor materials, one of which can emit and absorb visible light, while the other two are used to control the flow of charge within the first material.

      Researchers in the "Science" magazine reported that the three materials can work together to make the LED panel in the light while sensing external light and make brightness adjustment. It is reported that, because this LED in the light and light between the two functions to switch the frequency of extremely fast, the naked eye can not identify this switch, so the display panel seems to have been bright.

      At the same time, unlike the current cell phone on the light sensor, this LED panel metering and dimming occur in the pixel level, so not only according to the external ambient light source to adjust the panel brightness, but also sensor screen above the finger passing Fine light difference, thus allowing non-touch screen gestures to operate.

      The study also found that the LED in the light at the same time, but also absorb the external light source and into the current, similar to the function of solar panels. This may bring new device interfaces and applications, including the ability to harvest light into electrical screens and read out other screens.

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