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Major Applications of Titanium Nanomaterials


20145992837200.jpgFirst, The hull paint and the bottom of anti-fouling paint.

Nano-silica aggregates are amorphous white powder, the surface state was three-dimensional network structure. Has a very strong UV absorption, infrared light reflection characteristics, can improve the anti-aging properties of paint. Nano-titanium dioxide also has the effect of absorbing ultraviolet light, can improve the aging resistance of the coating. They can be used as the main additive for the development of ultra-weather hull paint.

Ship anti-fouling coating has always been the most special performance of marine coatings, research technology is one of the most difficult materials, as countries around the world increasingly concerned about the requirements of environmental protection, in the full ban on the use of organic tin antiseptic period has been determined, The development of new and efficient antifouling agents has become the focus of the study of ship paint researchers. The use of nanoscale antifoulants, such as nano-cuprous oxide, nano-zinc oxide, may be an effective route, or the use of microcapsule technology, with a water-soluble resin material will be coated with nano-fine powder to form particles, And then in the preparation of the coating, in practical applications, due to the role of seawater to gradually dissolve the microcapsules, slow and effective release of antifouling agents to achieve stable long-term anti-fouling function.

Second, Antibacterial coatings.

Nano-titanium dioxide, nano-zinc oxide and other nano-materials can be used as a non-toxic human body, antibacterial wide range of good thermal stability of the antibacterial agent. Non-metallic materials and coatings in the ship's cabin are very susceptible to contamination and contamination due to the often polluted environment in humid and small spaces, especially in subtropical and tropical marine environments. Can use the antibacterial effect of nano-materials, the preparation of the cabin of the new high-performance anti-bacterial and anti-mildew materials and coatings.

Third, The ship flame retardant coating.

The fire resistance of the ship is related to the safety of the ship, especially the direct impact on the ship's combat effectiveness and viability of the key factors. Some nanoparticles have a flame retardant function, such as nano-zinc oxide can be added as a flame retardant to the ship cabin interior decoration materials or prepared into a flame retardant coating to improve the ship's non-metallic decorative materials and flame retardant coating fire.

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