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Application of Titanium in Watch


Application of Titanium in Watch

Watch is the daily necessities of daily necessities, the case and the amount of bracelet accounted for 95% of the watch material. The traditional watch is made of brass, and the surface is plated with Ni. This watch surface layer contains a lot of nickel, wear often produce "nickel allergic reaction." Later, the use of austenitic stainless steel watch, but because the austenitic stainless steel also contains nickel and chromium and other human skin allergic reaction elements, therefore, from the last century 70's, the relevant scientific and technical personnel began to study the use of And the human body with a good affinity for the manufacture of titanium watch case, bracelet, strap, clasp, table and other parts.

Titanium as a watch material, is from the high-end waterproof, with the timing function of the sports watch began. Japan's titanium watch development by the Citizen and Seiko two manufacturers at the same time the high-end titanium sports watches into the market. Subsequently, the Japanese watch company from 1972 to develop a full titanium watch. In order to apply titanium to watches, in the course of nearly 30 years of research, researchers have solved seven technical problems, including pressure forming technology, cutting technology, surface processing technology, wear-resistant processing technology, welding, decorative and Biocompatibility.

Therefore, the modern titanium watch already has the following characteristics: light, is 60% of stainless steel; resistant to human sweat and sea water corrosion; in the metal material has the best specific strength; surface hardness is 2 times the stainless steel; Metal cold feeling; good affinity with the skin, no allergic reaction; good decorative effect.

Ti-6Al-4V and titanium alloy Ti-15333.20 century 90s, the first batch of titanium watches into the market and the price is extremely high, then due to increased production, process improvement, watch Shell can be cast mold casting, sheet metal stamping and powder metallurgy manufacturing methods, the corresponding reduction in prices, all titanium watches have turned to high-end watches to the popular.

Many countries in the world attaches great importance to the research and production of titanium watches; Japan titanium watch research work was the 1994 Japan Titanium Association credit award; Swiss production of titanium metal watch weight is only 50g; China's Northwest Nonferrous Metals Institute also Developed a "NIN" brand series of titanium watches.

With the development of 3D printing technology, personalized custom printing titanium watches continue to appear. Luminor 1950 case, made of titanium, anti-sensitive, anti-erosion, its weight is more than 40% lighter than steel. To further reduce the weight of the watch, the table with innovative technology hollow case inside, outline the extremely complex geometric graphics, while retaining the case of excellent waterproof function (up to 10 bar, about 100 meters depth) and anti-tension anti-distortion The sturdy character. The technology is called "direct metal laser sintering", the use of titanium powder to optical fiber laser technology layer by layer to form a three-dimensional parts, each layer of material is only 0.02 mm thick, after the integration of solid titanium into the metal. Manufactured products are not made of traditional technology, the weight is more lightweight, uniform appearance flawless.

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