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Application of Metal Sputtering Targets in Ultrahigh Pure Titanium


In 2016, the explosion of a new material symbol "titanium." In 2016, titanium flashes a 

dazzling light. Titanium with its excellent performance through a variety of product 

display, and finally opened the noble quality of the veil, "titanium good" function began 

to fully enter the people's attention. In early June, in the national "second five" 

scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition, Baotai Group made the 4500 

meters manned deep-seated titanium shell won the General Secretary Xi Jinping praise. In 

mid-October, the Shanghai International Titanium Exhibition, Hebei Hengxiang, Xinpeng Zhi 

Yuan's large diameter titanium tube attracted the attention of the people ... ...

Titanium in 2016 is very bright. November 26, CCTV financial channel rolling broadcast of 

the "China" core "core technology to help China-made", what the Zhejiang Ningbo Jiangfeng 

Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. pushed to the titanium smart manufacturing technology on the 

wave. Currently, only four companies worldwide master the metal target chip manufacturing 

technology, China's annual imports of chips more than 200 billion US dollars, it can be 

said that all small chip is the basis of intelligent manufacturing.

Yao Lijun, chairman of Ningbo Jiangfeng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., 11 years ago, has 

been working in Japan, he took the technology back to China, his team is almost always 

"returnees." After returning home, they bent on titanium in the field of new materials to 

expand a piece of their own sky. Shortly after returning home, they had a titanium 

enterprise with the mainland to discuss cooperation in research and development of high-

titanium project, and titanium sponge titanium enterprises in the development of high-

purity titanium also achieved initial results. Because of the rigidity of the local 

government system, there is dissent in the equity dispute, resulting in a very slow pace of 

cooperation or even stagnation, dragged on for many reasons, affecting the conversion of 

high purity titanium into the productivity of new materials.

June 30, 2014, a profit company "with an annual output of 250 tons of electronic-grade 

ultra-high purity titanium titanium project" officially put into operation, according to 

the new network said it was the first electronic-grade ultra-high purity titanium oxygen 

furnace. At this point, China in the field of ultra-high purity titanium to break the 

United States, Japanese companies in the market restrictions on China and monopoly.

Dr. Wu Jinghui, general manager of Chuangrun Company, is one of the few Chinese experts to 

master the core technology in the international field of titanium purification. He has been 

in the United States the world's top 100 companies Honeywell (Honeywell) as chief 

technology engineer. Determined to improve the status of China's ultra-high purity titanium 

material sense of responsibility and mission, he decided to leave the work life for many 

years, the environment of the United States, choose to return to development. And Yao Lijun 

and other returnees venture returnees with the hearts of one by one pure heart, opened a 

new era of China's high-purity titanium production. The company's high-purity titanium 

products directly for the Ningbo Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. Jiangfeng ultra-pure metal 

sputtering target. Chuang-run company and Ningbo Jiangfeng returnees team work closely with 

the development of chain-like, to help the returnees in the titanium industry in China's 

surging "core."

It is reported that the purity of low-oxygen ultra-high purity titanium is not less than 

99.995% (99.8% of the titanium sponge purified to 99.995% ~ 99.999% of the titanium 

crystal). In the past only the United States and Japan, the world's three multinational 

companies have the ability to produce ultra-high purity titanium. A company to become the 

fourth production of high purity titanium enterprises. Yao Lijun said, using a special 

process to cut high-purity titanium metal wire, the metal wire cutting technology only one 

thousandth of human hair. The world's most advanced technology can do 16 nm, the current 

domestic can do 28 nm.

China "core" core technology to help China-made. Yao Lijun, Wu Jinghui returnees team 

development, production, development chain interlocking, silk into the "core", they 

developed ultra-high purity titanium widely used in semiconductor, defense industry, 

medical biotechnology, green energy, aerospace, automotive industry And many other areas. 

Has entered into a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship with the CATIC 

Hospitals and other institutions, which will play an important role in promoting the 

transformation and upgrading of China's aerospace and military industrial enterprises and 

improving the core competitiveness of China's high-end industries.

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