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Analysis of Metallic Coating on Titanium Alloy Surface


Titanium alloy surface treatment, generally refers to the surface reaction layer of titanium alloy, because the surface reaction layer is the main factor affecting the physical and chemical properties of titanium castings, titanium castings in the grinding and polishing, must be completely removed from the surface pollution layer in order to achieve satisfactory Polishing effect. The surface reaction layer of titanium can be completely removed by pickling after sandblasting. 1. Blasting: titanium casting sandblasting general use of white corundum coarse spray better, less pressure than non-precious metal sand blasting, the general control of 0.45Mpa the following. Because, the jet pressure is too large, the impact of titanium particles on the surface of the spark spark, the temperature can react with the titanium surface, the formation of secondary pollution, affecting the surface quality. Time of 15 to 30 seconds, only to remove the casting surface of the sticky sand, surface sintering layer and the oxide layer and the part can be. The rest of the surface reaction layer structure should adopt chemical pickling method to remove quickly. 2. Pickling: pickling can quickly and completely remove the surface reaction layer, while the surface does not produce other elements of pollution. HF-HCl and HF-HNO3 acid pickling can be used for pickling of titanium, but HF-HCl acid pickling solution hydrogen absorption capacity is larger, and HF-HNO3 acid pickling hydrogen absorption is small, can control HNO3 Of the concentration of reduced hydrogen absorption, and the surface brightness treatment, the general concentration of HF in 3% to 5%, HNO3 concentration of 15% to 30% is appropriate.

Porous materials are a new type of structural and functional materials, which can effectively play its mechanical properties and structural properties under lighter weight. Compared with the solid material, these special lightweight materials have excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. Titanium and titanium alloys have low density, high specific strength, wide operating temperature range, good corrosion resistance and excellent biocompatibility and other properties. The porous titanium foam and titanium alloy combine the characteristics of the titanium alloy and the porous material, and can reduce the weight of the material without weakening its strength, while maintaining high toughness and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the foam titanium and its alloys in some special areas have important application value, especially in the biomedical industry, due to porous titanium both high biocompatibility and excellent mechanical properties, so the advantage is very obvious. Compared with the whole porous titanium material, only the surface of the porous titanium processing with higher mechanical strength, can withstand greater physiological load, and thus in the medical field to show a more broad application prospects.

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