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We are one of the reliable China titanium manufacturer and supplier.We are specialized in titanium sheet and plate, titanium casting, nickel, titanium anode and cathode, etc. We are looking forward to cooperate with you!
A three-layer compound pot, with the food contact layer is treated "microcrystalline titanium", the middle layer and the outer layer of heat, the use of stainless steel and copper, the pot to achieve the best performance. The concept of "diet health" is becoming more and more important for modern people, and it is emphasized again and again. However, people are concerned about how to make dishes more healthy at the same time, but ignoring the cooking utensils on the safety of food and health effects. Although people know that titanium is a good thing, but little about it. For many Chinese families, the table of healthy, delicious cuisine is essential for people in daily life and festivals. So since it is delicious food, the first thing to pay attention to is healthy. Titanium pot has been flying into the homes of ordinary people.
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